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Publisher description
Password Manager Professional is a perfect password manager for enterprises and corporations. You can forget about all your headaches caused by loss of passwords, access codes and other sensitive information. This tool is a network password manager. You can create password databases as a shared resource and access them from multiple computers across the network. Password Manager Professional is a convenient software application for storing passwords, access codes, social security and credit card numbers and other valuable information that needs protection. Protect your private data with this password management utility. Password Manager Professional is ideal for workgroup use. The program lets several users get access to the password databases. Importantly, access rights and privileges can be regulated. All changes inside the database are logged, giving the system administrator complete control over the users' actions. The program's unique features include capability to encrypt stored information with several encryption algorithms simultaneously (Blowfish, 3DES, Rijndael, Tea, Cast128, RC4, Serpent, Twofish). Importantly, no temporary files are ever created, guaranteeing the encrypted data will never be intercepted. The blocks of information are cleared from the computer memory as soon as they are no longer needed. And if the program is left idle for a set period of time, it will automatically shut down, making sure no one gets access to the information. Password Manager Professional comes with a built-in password generator and is fully integrated with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, works with external media drives (USB Flash), and comes with multiple export and printing options. The program is very easy to install and operate. It also comes with backup and restoring options and informs you about expired passwords. Password Manager Professional is your network password keeper.
Password Manager Professional ist ein Programm, mit dessen Hilfe Benutzer ihre wertvollen Informationen systematisieren und sicher verwahren können. Unser Programm befreit Sie von Kopfschmerzen wegen verlorener Passwörter, vergessener Zugriffscodes und anderer wichtiger Daten. Mit Password Manager XP können Sie alle Ihre Anmeldenamen, Passwörter, PIN-Сodes, Kreditkartennummern, Zugriffscodes, Dateien und beliebige andere vertrauliche Informationen an einem Speicherort sicher verwahren. Password Manager XP ist Ihr persönlicher Passwort-Verwalter!
Password Manager Professional это идеальный менеджер паролей для предприятий и корпораций. Вы можете забыть обо всех ваших проблемах, вызванных потерей паролей, кодов доступа и другой конфиденциальной информации. Этот инструмент является сетевым менеджером паролей. Вы можете создать базу данных паролей в качестве общего ресурса и доступом к ней с нескольких компьютеров в сети. Password Manager Professional является очень удобным менеджером паролей. Программа позволит вам систематизировать секретную информацию, которая хранится у вас на компьютере. Password Manager Professional имеет очень удобную функцию автоматического ввода логина и пароля в нужные поля, достаточно один раз указать, что именно и куда вводить. Можно использовать одну и ту же базу паролей множеством пользователей, поддерживает браузеры Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome и Opera, а также многие приложения Windows. На должном уровне реализована работа с учетными записями - можно создавать аккаунты как отдельных пользователей, так и целых групп с различными правами доступа. Уровень доступа настраивается и для всей базы, и для избранных папок и записей. За счет поддержки программой NT-аутентификации можно использовать данные о существующих пользователях, это очень удобно в небольших офисных сетях. Password Manager Professional устанавливается на любые носители, например на USB-диски, это позволяет всегда иметь нужные данные под рукой.
Password Manager Professional
Change info
new: Integration with Chrome 64-bit. new: Integration with Firefox 64-bit version 50 and later. new: Form filling in IFRAME content of web pages. new: Ask for administrator privileges when configuring browser integration if needed.
System requirements
Windows All, CPU P100, 16Mb RAM
An evaluation mode license expires 30 days after the product is installed
An evaluation version of the Password Manager XP may be distributed freely on online services, bulletin boards, or other electronic media as long as the files are distributed in their entirety. Computer's Magazines/Archives are authorized to distribute it on any Cover Disk or CD-ROM without any permission. Please inform us by e-mail ( each time you distribute the evaluation copy.
License Agreement This is the End User License Agreement (the "AGREEMENT") is a legal agreement between you ("LICENSEE"), the end-user, and for the use of the "Password Manager XP" software product ("SOFTWARE"). By using this Software or storing this program on a computer hard drive (or other media), you are agreeing to be bound by the terms of this Agreement. If you do not agree to the terms of this Agreement delete the Software from all storage media. You may install this Software to test and evaluate (during 30 days TRIAL period). If it suits your needs and you wish to continue using Software, after the trial period has ended, you have to purchase the Registered version. You accept responsibility for any network usage costs or any other costs incurred by using this Software. Distribution An evaluation version of this Software may be distributed freely on online services, bulletin boards, or other electronic media as long as the files are distributed in their entirety. Computer's Magazines/Archives are authorized to distribute it on any Cover Disk or CD-ROM without any permission. Please inform us by e-mail ( each time you distribute the evaluation copy. RESTRICTIONS YOU MAY NOT ALTER THIS SOFTWARE IN ANY WAY, INCLUDING CHANGING OR REMOVING ANY MESSAGES OR WINDOWS. YOU MAY NOT DECOMPILE, REVERSE ENGINEER, DISASSEMBLE OR OTHERWISE REDUCE THIS SOFTWARE TO A HUMAN PERCEIVABLE FORM. YOU MAY NOT MODIFY, RENT OR RESELL FOR PROFIT THIS SOFTWARE, OR CREATE DERIVATIVE WORKS BASED UPON THIS SOFTWARE. YOU MAY NOT PUBLICIZE OR DISTRIBUTE ANY REGISTRATION INFORMATION (UNLOCK CODE, REGISTRATION ALGORITHM, ETC.) USED BY THIS SOFTWARE WITHOUT PERMISSION OF YOU MAY NOT USE ANY REGISTRATION CODES FOR THE SOFTWARE THAT HAVE NOT BEEN PURCHASED FROM OR AN AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVE OF PUBLICATION OR TRANSFER OF REGISTRATION (UNLOCK) CODE OR SOME OF ITS PART IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED! DISCLAIMER THIS SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED ON AN "AS IS" BASIS WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. THE PERSON USING THE SOFTWARE BEARS ALL RISK AS TO THE QUALITY AND PERFORMANCE OF THE SOFTWARE. THE AUTHOR WILL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY SPECIAL, INCIDENTAL, CONSEQUENTIAL, INDIRECT OR SIMILAR DAMAGES DUE TO LOSS OF DATA OR ANY OTHER REASON, EVEN IF THE AUTHOR OR AN AGENT OF THE AUTHOR HAS BEEN ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGES. IN NO EVENT SHALL THE AUTHOR'S LIABILITY FOR ANY DAMAGES EVER EXCEED THE PRICE PAID FOR THE LICENSE TO USE THE SOFTWARE, REGARDLESS OF THE FORM OF THE CLAIM. Copyright (c) 2002-2017 All Rights Reserved.



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